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Nails salon watford offer an exclusive manicure and pedicure treatments

We offer an exclusive manicure and pedicure treatments, stunning nail care, luxurious products from well-known brands and latest generation of nail trends. Besides customer’s satisfaction about quality of our services, our priority is customer safety.

Cute Nail Designs For Short Nails Easy

Cute Nail Designs For Short Nails Easy. This type of nail is suitable for young and lovely girls. They will help you have a lovely nail. So, check out these ombre nail colors and ideas below. 

Nail salons near me

Whether you have recently moved and need someone new to work on your nails or are simply looking for a new salon in the area, we’re happy to give you the scoop on which salons offer the best services at the best price.

7 best home gel nail kits for a DIY manicure during lockdown

Gel nail polish has been around since the Eighties, but it is really in the last decade that the treatment has been making significant waves in the industry. A key player in the rise of the gel manicure is the home kit, which is improving year-on-year.

Acrylics vs. Natural and Gel Polish vs. Regular Polish

All About Nails

Your fingernails say a lot about you. To your doctor, they could be the sign of a vitamin deficiency or other health-related issue. To your parents, and particularly when you were a kid, nails would be a dead giveaway of unwashed hands. The look of the nails might say you work with your hands (or not), and also that you pay attention to the smaller details of your personal appearance (or, again, not). Depending upon what you want your nails to say, you can make a lot of choices about their care.