Fimo Nail Art Nail Art Designs 2020 Ideas Images Tutorial Step By Step

I. Fimo Nail Art has now become quite a craze owing to its uniqueness, vibrant and colorful designs that are embedded onto the ceramic cane.

They completely enhance your overall appearance and are ideal to add a bit of glamour to your usual way of dressing. While clothes and accessories are always pivotal in determining one’s looks, this particular nail art concept can do wonders in making you feel gorgeous and stunning at any social do.

Fimo nails

Applying Fimo nail art is easy and a great way to create fun nail art design.  Fimo usually are in a cane/bar shape. For nail art, you need to slice it according to the thickness you want. Slicing fimo can be time-consuming and challenging. Therefore, we offer pre-slice fimo nail art shape for quicker and easier application. You can get them in a bag or in a wheel.

fimo nails
Using Fimo Nail Art is a great way to make fun nail art design, especially spring and summer nail design. And it doesn't have to be a complicated design as you can see from the photos. In case you don't know, Fimo is a brand of polymer clay.  It is one of the brands we use, mainly for it’s firmness, baked strength, and ability to hold a shape without distortion when creating Fimo canes.  Polymer clay canes for nail art are often called “Fimo nail art” (source: C.A Therien).
Fimo usually are in a cane/bar shape or pre-slice. For nail art, you need to slice it according to the thickness you want. Slicing fimo can be time-consuming and challenging. Therefore, we offer pre-slice fimo nail art shape for quicker and easier application. You can get them in a bag or in a wheel. Check out our Fimo Nail Art.

fimo nails
II. It's easy to apply Fimo

Just pick one with a small tweezers. Apply while nail polish is still tacky or apply top coat/nail art bonder on the place where you want to put fimo. Repeat if necessary to create the design you want. Finally, apply top coat after nail polish dries.

fimo nails
To create Fimo Nail Art, check out these must-have items:
Small Tweezers - Flat-end, small tweezers are great for picking up tiny nail art beads and gems.
Nail Art Bonder - Cinapro Nail Art Top Coat to bond and seal nail art to the nail.
Nail Rhinestones - Together with fimo for creating fun and sparkling nail designs.
K&Bs nails has the largest range of handmade Nail Art Canes and Slices on the internet.
We pride ourselves in only providing the highest quality nail art products.
We have been asked many times "What are nail art canes?", "What are they made of?" and "How do you make them?". This page attempts to answer those 3 questions and give you an insight into what we do.
Finished nail art canes look a little like small sticks of rock. The design you can see at the end runs through the whole length of the cane.
The designs are created by splitting the desired finished pattern down into the component parts.
Each of the components are then made by layering many colours of clay, then taking these and stacking them gradually building up the design.
All of the finished components are finally stacked together - sometimes up to 300! - to create the finished unbaked cane which can be 20cm or more wide.
The cane is then carefully stretched and reduced in size to the required diameter. This is where the magic happens!
As you reduce the cane in diameter the pattern inside also reduces, keeping its shape and detail. Canes can be reduced to pretty much any size you want.
The cane is then baked to cure the clay and when the cane is sliced in cross-section, the detailed pattern inside is revealed.
Often once a design is complete it is wrapped in a translucent clay which appears white until it is baked. This layer helps maintain the designs shape whilst being reduced and becomes invisible when applied to the nail.
To slice the finished, baked cane, use a single edged razor blade and carefully press down on the cane at the point you wish to cut. You may warm the canes in your hand prior to cutting tomake the canes a little softer resulting in the cutting process being slightly easier. Single Edged Razor For Cutting Nail Art Canes
Our Fimo polymer nail art canes can be used with natural, acrylic and gel enhancements and can be embedded into nail polish and coloured gels.
Best results are achieved by slicing the canes paper thin. Our products can be used to create 3D nail art effects and do not need to be sealed or covered.

fimo nails
Our nail art slices retain their colour and design even after filing and do not react to any of the products used in nail enhancements.
Our cured nail art canes can be stored for use without fear of the quality degrading. We recommend using the products within 5 years of purchase.
We have provided a series of free tutorials on our  the use of our products with both acrylics and gel based enhancements.
We are also very happy to talk to you about creating custom nail art canes to your own designs.

What is better than giving yourself a fimo nails? Having someone do it for you! The experts at K&Bs nails have mastered all of the techniques described above. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.