Best Nail Designs 2020 - Best Nail Art Trends For Women

I. Fimo Nail Art

Fimo Nail Art has now become quite a craze owing to its uniqueness, vibrant and colorful designs that are embedded onto the ceramic cane. They completely enhance your overall appearance and are ideal to add a bit of glamour to your usual way of dressing. While clothes and accessories are always pivotal in determining one’s looks, this particular nail art concept can do wonders in making you feel gorgeous and stunning at any social do.

Applying Fimo nail art is easy and a great way to create fun nail art design.  Fimo usually are in a cane/bar shape. For nail art, you need to slice it according to the thickness you want. Slicing fimo can be time-consuming and challenging. Therefore, we offer pre-slice fimo nail art shape for quicker and easier application. You can get them in a bag or in a wheel.
Using Fimo Nail Art is a great way to make fun nail art design, especially spring and summer nail design. And it doesn't have to be a complicated design as you can see from the photos. In case you don't know, Fimo is a brand of polymer clay.  It is one of the brands we use, mainly for it’s firmness, baked strength, and ability to hold a shape without distortion when creating Fimo canes.  Polymer clay canes for nail art are often called “Fimo nail art” (source: C.A Therien).

Fimo Nail Art

Fimo Nail Art

II. Dipped in Gold

Dipped in Gold

A touch of gold chrome nail powder built up from the middle of the nail to the tips adds a glamorous touch to bare or nude-polished nails.

1. Apply Silver Polish. Before beginning, file your nails to the desired shape and apply a base coat. Then, apply two coats of silver nail polish.

2. Add Gold Foil. While your nails are still tacky (in between wet and dry), place a sheet of gold foil—which you can pick up in craft stores—onto your nail.

3. Adhere the Gold Foil. Press down to attach it, and then peel it off. You will be left with random pieces of gold foil attached to your nail.

4. Finish With a Top Coat. Apply a top coat over the gold foil. This will stop it from peeling off.

III. Slightly Speckled

Slightly Speckled

The transition from off-white to almost-black in this manicure is made even cooler thanks to ever-so-tiny speckles. Easter Egg Nail Art Is Still Trending, and It's Wildly Easy to Copy at Home.

This year's Easter Sunday — a very weird one, at that — might have already come and gone, but thankfully it left discounted candies and an adorable new nail-art trend in its wake. In March, Easter egg nail art starting taking over Instagram and has yet to slow down well past the holiday itself. It's probably not the kind of Easter nail art you'd expect: little drawings of actual eggs with chicks hatching out of them. The nail-art fans of Instagram have decided instead to paint their nails just like those little pastel chocolate eggs. You know the ones: coated in pink, purple, and yellow shells with little brown and black speckles.

Easter Egg Nail

IV. Sunset


Just a touch of ombre at the tips of these nails convey the feeling of a sunset, perfectly complementing the tropical nail art accents on the ring fingers. A bright sunset is total Instagram bait. So is cool nail art. Combine the two and you basically get a mani thirst trap. 

V. Matte

Ask any manicure maven what they remember most about 2020, and you’re likely to hear that it was the year matte nails first made their mark as a major trend.


A glossy ombre is gorgeous, but matte looks just as amazing, especially when there's only a slight shift between the shades. 

VI. Sherbet Pastels

Sherbet Pastels

Why use just two shades? If you've got super-long nails, there's room for more! This blend of five pastel shades, topped off with Sinful Colors' Hazard, is the ultimate ombre manicureSherbet gel polish is sweet and sour. A almost neon pastel peach it brings something different to the pastel palette.